The Art of Being a Woman

Trend-setters. Artists. Intellectuals.

As truly admirable ladies of their time, the Tang dynasty courtesans created a place for themselves in a world dominated by men. 

They were not just skillful artists and entertainers, but the intellectual equals of men in their own right - self-empowered women who possessed freedom, property, knowledge, and skills unknown to ladies even from more noble households. Many of them also played pivotal roles in turning the tide of history, although their deeds have largely gone unrepresented in the annals. 

This International Women's Day, we celebrate women's achievements and how far we've come in the struggle for equality. We celebrate what it means to be a self-made woman - one who dresses up not for the eyes of men, but for her own pleasure and personal expression. 

In this experiential session, you will be transformed into a Tang courtesan and have a taste of what life was like through her eyes. As playing the role of a famous courtesan is no easy feat, come with an open mind, an appreciation for alternative beauty ideals, and a inquisitive spirit in order to get the most out of the session!

Package Details 


8 Mar 2020
1 pm - 6 pm 


Project Studio #01-02
Stamford Arts Center
155 Waterloo Street


Tang Dynasty traditional styling by Hanfugirl

Rental of 1 set of hanfu and accessories


1h photoshoot session by Dressed up Dreams Photo Studio


30 colour-edited photos 


3 fine-edited photos 

Interaction with props and replicas of historical artefacts in an exclusive space

Personalised sharing session

VIP status at Yanzilou's Immersive Performance (Aug 2020) 


$100 for silk hanfu
(subject to terms by Hanfugirl)


$50 for additional 1/2 h shoot time and 10 more colour-edited photos. 

$15 per piece for extra fine-edited photos

Sample Styles 

The Space

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