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Mother's Day Photo Ideas

Many young mothers in Singapore become experts at capturing their children’s diverse temperaments and growth milestones in photos, but forget to celebrate their own significant moments, or take time off to recharge. Besides providing a fun opportunity for moms to look their best and feel like a star, a portrait photoshoot session allows ladies to express their individuality and leave a precious representation of themselves for future generations.

Here’s how our hanfu photography packages can make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift:

Studio Portrait Photography

Makeup and styling will be done in air-conditioned comfort as we design your unique period-authentic look. Photos taken against a plain-coloured background will be transformed into artistic paintings, turning your portrait into a “drawing” of an ancient beauty. A variety of post-processing options are available, including the traditional brushwork style, chiaroscuro style, and composite oil painting effect. This package is especially suitable for expecting mothers and ladies who prefer a more peaceful and private shoot environment.

Outdoor Individual Portraits

For more adventurous moms, outdoor shoots allow for greater creative possibilities. From the graceful Wei-Jin period look, to the opulent Tang Dynasty and classy Republican era styles, Singapore offers a smattering of suitable shoot locations to create the illusion that you have travelled back in time.

Family Portraits

Of course, the best present for any occasion is the gift of time, especially in this hectic city. If you and your family share a love for period dramas or historical fashion, a family shoot in traditional dress might be a worthwhile investment, not just because you get beautiful photos with your loved ones, but because the time spent together during the shoot will become one of those moments you can fondly look back on in time to come. A canvas or high-quality print for your wall will also make a unique statement piece to decorate your home and wow visitors with.

Regardless of what gift you ultimately choose in the end, we wish you a wonderful time commemorating this special occasion with your family, and best of luck to all mothers in their tumultuous but fulfilling parenting journey!

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