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We are the first studio in Singapore to specialise in Hanfu Portrait Photography, creating images inspired by the beauty of the ancient Chinese dynasties. 

About Us

If you are looking for an unconventional makeover, or harbour hopes of time-travelling to the past, you've come to the right place!

We offer creative photography sessions which will bring out another side of your personality, and allow you to experience a slice of life in the shoes of the ancient Chinese.

Hanfu refers to the historical dress of the Han Chinese people. In a photo session with us, you will get to choose from various styles of hanfu (ranging from the Wei-Jin dynasty to Republican Era). Each photo package also comes with make-up and hair-styling in the period- appropriate fashion, so as to create a coherent look.

We also hope to create more awareness about Hanfu in Singapore and occasionally conduct Hanfu Salon sessions to share more interesting stories about the lives of the ancients and the vibrant clothing culture of ancient China. 

Our photo packages can be customised for couples, groups of friends, and small families, so drop us a note today to let us know what we can do for you!  



What to Expect


We will start off by getting to know you better - to understand your preferences, purpose in doing the shoot, as well as your height and measurements. 

Based on these details, we will recommend suitable hanfu styles that best match your preferences, personality, and body shape.  

This consultation process may take up to a week by chat or email. For wedding packages, we offer fitting sessions and in-person consultations. 

Once we have agreed on the outfit, shoot date, and location, a 50% deposit will be required to secure the booking. Slots are filled on a first-come-first serve basis.


On the shoot day, makeup and hair styling will be done on location before we  dress you in the chosen outfits. We will gladly share what we know about historical fashion and culture if you are keen to learn more!

During the shoot, we will coach you on posing and work with you to capture your best angles. We will also provide high-quality accessories and props for you to interact with - if you are lucky, you might even get to shoot with intangible cultural heritage craft items and replicas of artifacts from history. 


Your photos will be carefully colour-edited for mood-creation - this is where the magic happens! You will receive digital copies of the full-resolution images within two to three weeks of your shoot. 

After that, you may select more images for fine-editing where skin texture, as well as face and body shape will be refined further. Background distractions in the images will also be removed.  These photos are suitable for fine-art printing and we will present your final images in a gallery with options for products or paper prints. 






Really enjoyed the photoshoot session with Dressed Up Dreams. The photographer/makeup artist is very friendly and very efficient in her editing. Good service throughout. Thanks for that. :)


It was easy to communicate with the photographer, Sharon on what you want out of the shoot. She was casual, yet really professional throughout the photoshoot session and I enjoyed it. Sharon was really efficient with the editing too! Great photos. Highly recommended.


Polite and incredibly knowledgeable, the team behind Dressed Up Dreams is a dream to work with! I had such a fun time at the shoot and learnt a couple things besides. I would love to get another shoot done by them again in future for sure!





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Fun and enriching experience! Sharon and team were professional and knowledgeable and I gained new knowledge about Chinese culture from them during the process. I also felt well taken care of throughout the whole photoshoot, and will definitely do it again!




I had the absolute pleasure of having the chance to shoot with Sharon and Yanghui at Dressed up Dreams when I was visiting Singapore last month! Although the aesthetic I wanted was different from the norm (modern fusion) Sharon was soo accomodating and thorough in researching locations and helping me pick my dress to suit me and what I wanted to achieve! 


I’ve always wanted to have a Hanfu photoshoot with my girl and my dream finally came true when I engaged Sharon’s service! From recommending a suitable style, to getting the perfect matching Hanfu, to styling us up beautifully and creating the final products artistically, Sharon has paid attention to every detail throughout the whole process and shown her great passion in Hanfu photoshoot. 

Dream with Us

Considering a photoshoot experience with us? We offer a customised service for each client and so two photoshoots will be the same. Drop us a message today to find out more about our styling options and packages!

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