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We specialise in the ancient Chinese portrait photography style(中国古风唯美人像), a genre of photography which has become increasingly popular in China in recent years. Some view this genre as a resistance against the nation's rapid globalisation and modernisation; by seeking to capture and and re-present the aesthetics of a bygone era in their images, the style offer viewers a romanticised glimpse into the world of the ancients, creating a deeper sense of cultural rootedness through renewed appreciation for traditional Chinese arts and history. 

Some classic elements in ancient style portrait photography include: a mood of tranquil grandeur and refined elegance; the inclusion of traditional arts like calligraphy, tea brewing, and zither-playing; using beautiful open landscapes or traditional architecture for the setting; as well as a clean and light colour palette which showcases the elegant beauty of the subject. While the composition is often influenced by other traditional arts like Chinese landscape and portrait painting, themes may take inspiration from mythology, literature and music, with many photographers referencing more modern works like sword-fighting novels, pop songs, or manhwa comics in their images. Today, there are many photo studios and independent photographers in China who specialise in this style - for example, 不可说 (杜小聪), 知竹zz, 当小时, and 疯子Charles, amongst many others.


Dressed up Dreams hopes to introduce the style to Singapore, and to also create more interest in ancient Chinese culture and historical dress. While we are limited by the lack of suitable natural landscapes for such shoots locally, we hope to create a unique experience for each of our clients by transporting them to a different time and place within the imaginative space of our images. We are also interested in fusing Chinese traditional style with modern or Western aesthetics in experimental concept photography. 


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Our Team



Founder / Photographer

An English Literature graduate and  educator, Sharon was the proverbial banana Chinese Singaporean before she discovered the beauty of hanfu and its rich cultural legacy. She now tells stories in a different way through photography, and enjoys creating images that allow one to escape the urban drudgery of modern life. In recent years, she has honed her skills under the guidance of Chinese photographers 知竹zz, 长安花, and Linsea Studio's 何力老师.    



Senior Makeup Artist

A graduate of EX International  Makeup School, Yanghui is skilled in brow embroidery and a variety of makeup styles, including bridal and special effects. Having dabbled in photography and illustration herself, her unique makeup style reflects a sophisticated understanding of beauty and elements in art. She is adept at creating distinctive looks that bring out the best of her clients' features, fusing traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern technique. 

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